Saut d’Eau, Waterfalls

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Leave your hotel behind and step out to see the beautiful landscapes of Haiti and the famous Waterfall Saut d'Eau. Discover its history and its wealth. We will be heading to Mirbalais, a commune of cultural significance.

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Saut d’Eau, Waterfalls

Leave your hotel behind and step out 60 miles north of Port au Prince, to the Centre department of Haiti for an incredible experience at Saut d"Eau. Saut d’Eau, a commune of cultural significance. Saut d’Eau was named after the waterfall “Le Saut.” Saut d’Eau is believed to be the area where the Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel appeared on a palm tree. A French priest later cut this palm tree, but this area still holds religious significance to Catholic and Vodou practitioners. Bathing in the waters of the falls in this area is a devotional activity as people ask favors from Virgin Mary or Erzulie. You will be able to know more about the history of Saut d’Eau and the waterfalls before taking a dip at the waterfall itself. You would have probably developed an appetite after a relaxing dip in these waters so we will have snacks, beer, and other refreshments ready for you before we head out to the next destination.

Then we pass by the river of Artibonite, the longest river in Haiti that stretches over 320 km before emptying into the Gulf of Gonậve. It forms part of the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

We will then stop at La Crête-à-Pierrot, a fort in the Artibonite river valley, which was a battleground for the battle of Crête-à-Pierrot during the Haitian Revolution. The fort held the access into the Cahos Mountains, which was bravely defended by the Haitian forces against the French colonial army until they ran out of food and ammunition. The tour of the fort will take you back to its history of bravery, stand against slavery, and much more. Before heading on to the next destination, we will stop for lunch at Kay Mancia.

Our next stop will be a school in Petite Rivière, a small town in Artibonite. This trip is part of our social commitment to promoting children’s education in Haiti. For every booking we make, we donate $1.00 to that school. You are welcome to bring some school supplies to the kids in school. We will get there during the school break time so that you will have an opportunity to interact with the children. Children have an amazing quality to teach you and touch you even when you least expect it. We would love to hear about your experiences there.

Then we will visit a rice plantation, a staple food of Haiti. A tour of the rice plantation will be supplemented with the history of rice plantation in Haiti.

Our final stop will be the Arcadins Coast where you will be able to enjoy some quality beach time. The Arcadins Coast, a wide stretch of white sandy beaches surrounded by coral reefs, packs a spectacular view for you to soak in the experiences of the day and make some more. Located just 45 minutes north of Port-au-Prince, the usually calm and clear waters here make this a great site for snorkeling and water sports. You can enjoy the day away while also enjoying our spread of h'orderves: small sandwiches with chicken and tuna, chips, salsa, nuts, and cheeses.

Note: This tour is available if you are staying in Port-au-Prince or at the Côte des Arcadins.

Tour Information

Tour Duration: Approximately 10 hours
Pickup Time: Mornings
Note: Pickup times and locations vary depending on the hotel you are staying at. We will be contacting you shortly with the exact time and pickup location.


This tour operates on:Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Pickup Location: Hotel lobby or specified meeting point.
Additional Info: Pickup locations vary by hotel location. We’ll be contacting you with the exact location.

  • Included:
  • Round-Trip Transport
  • Professional Guides
  • Lunch and Refreshments
  • Not Included:
  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Cash for Souvenirs
  • Insect Repellent
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